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SCREEN+ Juni 2017, met o.a.:
Rumbling Seats. Virtual Reality. Booze. How cinemas are adapting to uncertain future.
Screening Room Files Eight Anti-Piracy Patent Applications
The Virtual Arena: From Silver Screen To Silicon Dreams! (pt 1)
Partner of the Month:
Barco (laser phosphor and RGB laser / ghosting & 3D / curved screens / HDR)

SCREEN+ Mei 2017, met o.a.:
Technology in Motion: CinemaCon 2017 unveils exciting new innovations
The Cyber Threat(s) Facing Cinemas
LED screens make their first appearance as an option for cinemas

SCREEN+ April 2017, met o.a.:
How Sweden's No. 2 Cinema Chain Went 100% Cashless
CinemaCon 2017 Recap
Q&A on light source technologies for cinema projection: laser phosphor vs. RGB lasers

SCREEN+ Maart 2017, met o.a.:
Evolving Technology: Trends and takaways from the ICTA L.A. Seminar
The ins and outs of High Dynamic Range (HDR) in cinema
Partner of the Month:
Harkness Screen (Clarus XS Technology / Eclair Color)