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SCREEN+ Augustus 2017, met o.a.:
First Reviews Are In For Samsung's Cinema LED Screen, James Cameron will continue researching ways to create glasses-free 3D projectors, A Cyberattack 'the World Isn't Ready For', Why new technology could be hurting the film business, Does It Really Matter How You See Dunkirk?, After 'Billy Lynn', High Frame Rate Experiments Continue.

SCREEN+ Juni 2017, met o.a.:
Rumbling Seats. Virtual Reality. Booze. How cinemas are adapting to uncertain future.
Screening Room Files Eight Anti-Piracy Patent Applications
The Virtual Arena: From Silver Screen To Silicon Dreams! (pt 1)
Partner of the Month:
Barco (laser phosphor and RGB laser / ghosting & 3D / curved screens / HDR)

SCREEN+ Mei 2017, met o.a.:
Technology in Motion: CinemaCon 2017 unveils exciting new innovations
The Cyber Threat(s) Facing Cinemas
LED screens make their first appearance as an option for cinemas

SCREEN+ April 2017, met o.a.:
How Sweden's No. 2 Cinema Chain Went 100% Cashless
CinemaCon 2017 Recap
Q&A on light source technologies for cinema projection: laser phosphor vs. RGB lasers

SCREEN+ Maart 2017, met o.a.:
Evolving Technology: Trends and takaways from the ICTA L.A. Seminar
The ins and outs of High Dynamic Range (HDR) in cinema
Partner of the Month:
Harkness Screen (Clarus XS Technology / Eclair Color)