All cinemas, arthouses and movie houses in the Netherlands are a member of the Dutch Exhibitors Association. Therefore we are the designated body to aim for collective advocacy, promotion, professional development and communication in the broadest sense of the word.

Part of our work is the lobby for and signing of collective agreements to benefit our members, negotiations with the union (in order to sign contracts). In addition, the NVBF is the interlocutor with governments, (international) organizations and networks in the area of operation of cinemas, arthouses and movie theaters. Every activity of the NVBF is designed to serve the interests of its members, sometimes visible, and sometimes more on the background.

More information and statistics can be found in our annual reports (in Dutch), a list of our members is also available.

Do you want to know more, please contact us via e-mail, or by phone: +31 (0)20-4266100

  2015   2016
box office (€ / x 1.000) 275.802   287.715
admissions (x 1.000) 32.970   34.193
admissions per capita 1,9   2,0
average ticket price € 8,37   € 8,41
total number of cinemas* 269   276
total number of screens*  890   944
total number of seats*  146.390   155.167
national box office market share 18,8%   11,4%

* includes cinemas-within-cinemas (11 with 0 screens) & open air cinemas (3 with 3 screens)